Tempe Community Market

Enjoying Sunday Tempe Community Market

Enjoying Sunday Tempe Community Market

I’ve been selling my pottery at the Tempe Community Market once or twice a month for the past few months. This  market started earlier this year and has many wonderful local vendors of produce, food products, art, jewelry, and more. A special feature of this market is that a percentage of all sales support the Tempe Community Action Agency, an organization with substantial programs to combat poverty and end hunger and homelessness in our community. Summer hours for the market is Sunday 8a -12p. The market is located next to the Marquee Theater on Mill Ave, just north of the Tempe Town Lake. You know you want to check it out!

I usually share a spot with my friend and fellow potter Connie Schultejans of  Flutterby Pottery. Check my Facebook page or the sidebar of my website to see when I’ll be there next.

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Come to Southwest Maker Fest!

swmf blockOn Saturday, March 22, the very first Southwest Maker Fest will be held in downtown Mesa. I consider myself a maker, and I’ll be exhibiting there. The festival will be along Main Street near McDonald from 10 am to 7 pm. I’m not sure where my exact spot will be, but it should be fun to walk around and see all the cool things people are doing while you are looking for me. The festival is being held in collaboration with Arizona SciTech Festival, a state-wide festival of all things technology, science and math. Also, on the same weekend, is the Spark! Festival of Creativity just down the street at the Mesa Arts Center. So there are lots of great reasons to come to downtown Mesa on the 22nd, and stop by and see me while you’re there!

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Mini Pots

I recently made some tiny pots to try out some new cone 5 porcelain that I got from Marjon’s. It’s called Nara 5 from Aardvark. It throws well and fires to a nice white. These pots have clear glaze only and were fired to cone 6. After making the first couple of bottles and seeing how cute they were, I decided I’d make more and use them to create a banner for my etsy shop…which I hope to open soon!

Mini Pots

Pots for Bots 2013

In years past, I’ve donated my proceeds from the Pyle Arts & Crafts Boutique to my son’s robotics team. My son has graduated and is no longer on the team, but the team lives on. The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a great experience for kids in high school, around the country and around the world. Each team has 6 weeks to design and build a robot to participate in a tournament to play a robots/students game that is new each year. The Arizona FRC happens in March and it’s a blast to watch. (March 20-22, 2014 at Hamilton High in Chandler)

The team has grown to incorporate 2 more Tempe High Schools this year, and I really hope they’ll be able to compete. So once again, I’m going to donate proceeds from my pottery sales the Pyle Arts & Crafts Boutique to Team 2449. Come on by and buy some pots for bots!

Arts & Crafts Boutique

Friday, October 25, 9 am – 4 pm

Saturday, October 26, 9 am – 3 pm

Pyle Adult Recreation Center – 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe
(Southern & Rural)

**You’ll find me in the PRESCOTT ROOM**


Tempe Farmers Market

A new farmers’ market is starting up in the Bobbie’s Flowers parking lot on the first and third Sunday each month. I will be there on the first Sunday, along with one of my potter buddies. This month, I’ll be there with my friend Daphne Azzi and her beautiful work. So come on by to buy some fresh produce and shop for other goodies this Sunday, 10am – 2pm in the south parking lot at 5801 S. McClintock Drive.

Ceramic Arts Daily – How to Make a Stopperless Salt and Pepper Shaker on the Pottery Wheel

How to Make a Stopperless Salt and Pepper Shaker on the Pottery Wheel

By Keith Phillips, January 30, 2013

Most ceramic salt and pepper shakers require a stopper of some sort – usually cork – to keep the contents in. But there is a way to make them without stoppers. Just throw a double-walled vessel, but instead of joining the inner and outer walls, form a funnel with the inner wall.

via Ceramic Arts Daily – How to Make a Stopperless Salt and Pepper Shaker on the Pottery Wheel.

Gabrielle’s note: This article shows the basics for forming a Magic Salt Shaker. My form is more basic but the method is very similar.

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