Glaze Kiln for Upcoming Events

Unglazed work packed in kiln

Glaze kiln shelves – Top left is bottom shelf

Glaze Results Collage

Some of the results from the cone 6 kiln

I’ve just run a glaze kiln and still have more glazing to do. Packing the kiln for a glaze firing is a bit of a puzzle.  In this kiln I had a few tall pieces but mostly a lot of short pieces. I ended up with 4 full size shelves (including the bottom shelf) and 2 half shelves. I didn’t have any small posts left for the top shelf so I turned 3 wide posts sideways. The top image shows each shelf load from bottom to top. The lower 3 shelves are below the kiln’s pyrometer which you can see in some of the images. The kiln has a controller that reads the temperature from the pyrometer to control the heating of the kiln.

I am happy with the results. I did have a couple of spots where glaze ran and I found that some of the underglaze that I used burns out at cone 6. Now back to glazing and loading for one more kiln load.

I am making these items for upcoming shows. I will show with the Southern Arizona Clay Artists in the Tucson Museum of Art’s Holiday Artisan Market Friday, November 21 through Sunday, November 3. I have also reserved a space at the Gilbert Art Walk for Saturday, November 29 and Saturday, December 6.