Glaze Kiln with a Slow Cooldown

I ran a glaze kiln yesterday and used the firing schedule from to hopefully get a matte finish on the Laguna Redwood glaze. I’ve run this glaze in a straight 6 firing and here’s how it came out:

Mug Redwood Glaze

Mug with Laguna MS Redwood Glaze - cone 6 fast cool

Here’s another mug with the glaze slow cooled:

Mug Redwood Glaze

Laguna MS Redwood glaze to cone 6 with slow cool

You can see that the glaze is indeed matte but for some reason it looks uneven, almost lumpy.  The two cups above are made with cone 5 B Mix.

I also made a mug with Hagi porcelain and fired it on the bottom shelf, with Redwood on the outside and Clear on the inside and at the rim. My kiln runs hotter on the bottom shelf. The glaze ran and stuck to the shelf:

Redwood glaze ran

Redwood glaze to cone 7, slow cooled, ran and stuck to shelf

Out of all the results, I like the flat matte look of the mug where it ran. But that’s not going to work. I think I need to give Laguna a call and quiz them about this glaze.

Update: I spoke with Juan at Laguna. He recommended firing to cone 5 and I’ve since tried some tests. The glaze looks a bit different at cone 5 — semi matte and even, but not like any of the photos above.